I learned about Mystic Hot Springs on my recent trip ski trip to Utah. I was looking for a place to relax my sore muscles and boy did I find the PERFECT place. The hot springs here are very unique and easily accessible by car from Salt Lake City. This spot holds a lot of history and will transport you back in time. Read on to learn about visiting Mystic Hot Springs yourself!

Soaking in vintage tubs at Mystic Hot Springs

About Mystic Hot Springs

Let me tell you how COOL THIS SPOT IS. It has so much history! Going back in time, this spot used to be called Monroe Hot Springs. Local indigenous people used to soak in these hot springs including the Piute, Ute, Shoshone and their ancestors. Early settlers used the springs as well, as they were a stop on the Old Spanish Trail! Eventually the property was developed to include a dance hall and cabins. In 1995, the name was changed from Monroe Hot Springs to Mystic Hot Springs. The spring water emerges from the ground & contains calcium carbonate, magnesium, iron and other minerals.

Note: Make sure you bring your own towel as they are not provided. I also recommend bringing a pair of flip flops or water shoes.

The shallow pool is 2 feet deep & features a waterfall created by the minerals spilling into the side of the pool. The deeper pool right next to it is four feet deep and is perfect for floating meditation. You can witness the most magical sunsets from the vintage tubs which were my favorite. I was lucky to have the place to myself for sunset. It was absolutely breathtaking!

One of the concrete pools at Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah

How to Get There

I rented a car & drove approximately two and a half hours south to Monroe, Utah from Salt Lake City. The exact address for Mystic Hot Springs is 475 East 100 N, Monroe, UT 84754. I lost cell phone service about an hour into my drive but something about it was so peaceful. I had no choice but to forget everyone else & only worry about myself. I pulled over to take in the views, took pictures, made videos & was really able to enjoy the silence and indescribable beauty.

Soaking Passes

Passes for the Hot Springs cost $15 for adults and $7.50 for children.

Sunset views from the vintage tubs in Monroe, Utah

Accommodations at Mystic Hot Springs

Mystic Hot Springs is also a campground that provides very unique accommodations! Besides being able to camp with a tent or RV, you can stay in one of their converted busses or cabins which are so amazing! The campsite includes shared electricity. There is no running water in any of the cabins busses, or campsites, however they are just a short walk away from the common bathhouse that has toilets, sinks, and hot showers. Each RV site has electricity hookups and water and sewer hookups from April to October. 

Mystic Hot Springs has over 30 authentic pioneer cabins collected from the Sevier Valley on their property. These cabins are the original structures that were built by the Mormon pioneers from 1865 to 1890! The cabins offer cozy beds with linens, towels, electricity, and either an electric heater, wood burning stove, or geothermal heating. You can also stay in a Gypsy Wagon! This cute little structure really stuck out to me and I’m dying to stay the night in it next time.

Rates are as follows:

Stay in this gypsy wagon at Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah

Masssage & Hypnotherapy

I booked a 75 minute massage at Mystic Hot Springs with a woman named Aubrey Ixchel who owns a massage studio on the property. She was so happy & positive and sat me down to ask what I wanted to work on in my life. Aubrey explained how she likes to incorporate self healing into her massages. She spoke to me throughout about learning to be present in the moment and finding happiness within myself that I can tap into at any point. Her words were so uplifting and kind. It was the perfect way to end my night at the hot springs. I felt so relaxed and ready for bed! I’ve never tried hypnotherapy, however I’m dying to go back and try that next with Aubrey. Here is a pricing menu for the services she offers:

Mystic Hot Springs Massage:

Hypnotherapy Session:

Make sure you schedule an appointment by calling 801-656-7680. For best availability schedule a minimum of 48 hours in advance. You may find more details on their website at https://mystichotsprings.com/holistic/

Experience an outdoor concert at Mystic Hot Springs while soaking in a vintage tub

Concerts at the Hot Springs

You can experience a live concert at Mystic Hot Springs! There are three stages on the property, and each has a unique scene. You can soak in one of their vintage bathtubs, watching the sunset, while listening to a band which is pretty amazing. You can check their concert schedule for the year at https://www.jambase.com/venue/mystic-hot-springs.

Every year they hold the annual Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival over the course of 4 days in July. This is something I didn’t get a chance to experience but I’ll definitely be back to check it out! To purchase tickets, head to https://mystichotsprings.com/experiences/mystic-hot-springs-music-festival/

Stargazing at Mystic Hot Springs | Shot using an Iphone 11 Pro & tripod

Photography Tips

Consider enjoying the hot springs around the hours of sunrise or sunset to get optimal lighting for your photos. There won’t be as many people and your photos will come out beautifully with lighting in these hours. A polarizing filter will come in handy if you’re looking to decrease glare in the water reflection. I HIGHLY recommend bringing a tripod for night photography. I was able to get amazing pictures of myself in the vintage tubs with the stars using my Iphone 11 pro in night mode. I purchased a tripod and bluetooth remote set on amazon before heading out to Utah.

Check out my video of Mystic Hot Springs

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